Biggest Loser From CARB Changes Tesla - Biggest Winner Is Pretty Much Any Fuel Cell Vehicle

Some three months ago we reported that more than 5% of total Tesla Model S miles were Supercharged miles.

The latest quarterly data indicates that Model S owners use more and more Superchargers and currently the share of Supercharged miles exceeds 8%!

"Our customers have now driven the Model S for 394 million miles globally, saving nearly 18 million gallons of gasoline."

"Since inception, our customers have driven for free nearly 32 million Supercharged miles, the same distance as traveling to the moon and back, sixty-five times!"

An overall 3% change in just three months seems high, meaning usage over the summer has been very high (~15%). As Tesla is selling more cars, entering new markets and installing new Superchargers, the share of Supercharged miles will change for sure.

We are of course curious what will be the result in the long term and how high this Supercharged share of miles will go.

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