Like the Tesla Model S, the BMW i3 is racking up award after award.

The latest award for the BMW i3 comes from Kelley Blue Book who just announced that the i3 captured Kelley Blue Book's Best Green Car of 2014 title.

Here's what Kelley Blue Book says of its selection of the i3:

The all-new, all-electric BMW i3 will scoot to 60 mph in just over 7 seconds and is built at a plant powered completely by four wind turbines. Inside, the i3 features naturally tanned leather, plenty of recycled materials and door panels formed from visible natural fibers. And if 70-110 miles of electric range doesn't do it for you, the i3 can be had with a small gas generator that gives you range by the gallon.

All told, 10 vehicles were recognized by Kelley Blue Book in the Best Green Car category:

Kelley Blue Book Best Green Car 2014 List

Source: Kelley Blue Book

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