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Electric vehicles are considerably heavier than gas-powered ones because of their big battery packs. They also accelerate quicker thanks to electric motors that immediately deliver maximum torque. Lots of weight plus higher velocities mean their tires work extra hard to keep physics from flinging them off the road, and that explains why EVs go through tires so quickly.

Fortunately, there are tried-and-true strategies for making them last longer. Here are five ways to get way more miles out of your EV’s tires.

Get the right kind of tire

ERange EV Tire Test

Your EV came from the manufacturer with a special kind of tire that features low rolling resistance and the ability to handle more weight than a traditional passenger car tire. When it’s time to replace them, do not buy any old tire off the shelf; find an EV-specific replacement tire like the ERange from Sailun. These tires maintain the good grip and longevity of typical tires with those special attributes required for an EV.

Check tire pressure regularly

It’s important to check your tire pressures regularly if you drive an EV. Riding on tires that are either over- or under-inflated will cause them to wear unevenly and more quickly. EV owners are at greater risk of this happening because their cars don’t require regular maintenance like oil changes, which is usually when a traditional car’s tire pressures are checked.

You should check and adjust your EV’s tire pressures every three months, especially if you live in a place with seasons. Temperature changes will cause the air in your tires to expand and contract, so adjustments might be needed at the beginning and end of each season.

Check out ERange tires from Sailun for your EV.

Rotate your tires on a fixed schedule

ERange EV Tire Test

As with tire pressures, rotating tires is something that would happen regularly for a traditional car when it goes in for an oil change. Since EVs don’t require that regular maintenance, it’s up to you to remember to rotate those tires at least once per year.

Rotating helps evenly distribute wear across all four tires and is usually done in a repeating pattern. One such pattern is rearward cross where the front tires are moved to the rear on the same side while the rear tires are moved forward and cross sides.

Slow down

This may be the hardest suggestion to follow, but it makes the biggest difference in how long your EV’s tires last. Simply put, tire wear is caused by friction between the tire and the road. Accelerating hard, cornering fast, and braking quickly all generate substantially more friction than simply driving normally and smoothly. If you can avoid being an F1 racer in your EV, your tires will go the distance (and you’ll get better range).

Swap out for snow tires

This one’s a bit of a cheat code, but if you live in a region with snow, swap out your EV tires for snow tires in the winter. Not only will you get better traction on snow and ice, your EV tires will last longer simply because you’re not using them as much. The only downside is that your range will go down on snow tires, but that’s a small price to pay for the aforementioned benefits.

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