KOA, the largest network of campgrounds across the US and Canada, reports the number of camping households has grown 77 percent since 2015. The total number stood at 57 million in 2021, which was an 18-percent increase over the prior year. 

With this level of popularity, it was inevitable that people begin taking their new electric vehicles camping. And being the most popular EV, the Tesla Model Y is the most likely electric camping companion you’ll find in the forest. 

Since EVs aren’t great for towing things like travel trailers, it’s more common to see one out in nature next to a tent. The Model Y, in particular, has some features that make it an excellent choice for tent camping, and some challenges that need to be overcome. We’ve put together a list of items you’ll need to make your Model Y camping experience successful, and it all begins with the tent. 

Get A Car Tent

Tesloid Model Y Camping Solutions

Model Y camping tent (on sale for $399.99)

While you could go buy an expensive standalone tent at REI, we suggest getting a tent that’s fitted to your Model, like this one from Tesloid that happens to be on sale for $100 off. 

A tent that connects to your car offers more security, control over temperature, and comfort than a standalone tent. Tents are made of fabric and don’t offer much protection against animals or humans with ill-intentions, but a fitted tent like this one for the Model Y lets you sleep inside the car itself. If there’s trouble outside, just close the back hatch and lock the doors. And unlike in a conventional tent, you can use your Model Y’s climate system to stay warm or cool at night depending on the season. Lastly, sleeping inside your Model Y on an inflatable mattress is just more comfortable than lying on the ground. Your back will thank you.

The custom-fitted Model Y tent from Tesloid has seven feet of standing headroom inside and 50 square feet of enclosed living space. That’s not counting the sleeping area inside the car or the extra 25 square feet of shaded area underneath the awning. It also folds up into a small bag when not in use and even stands on its own if you want to take the Model Y elsewhere for the day. And like we said, it’s currently on sale for $100 off its list price.

Use A Custom Inflatable Bed

Tesloid Model Y Camping Solutions

Model Y inflatable mattress ($89.99)

No one likes sleeping on the ground. Inflatable mattresses are a great alternative to a ground mat, but an inflatable bed that’s designed to take up every square inch of your Model Y is even better.

Tesloid offers just such a mattress. It costs only $89.99 by itself or can be bought in a bundle with the Model Y camping tent. 

This mattress makes sleeping in your car a supremely comfortable affair with plenty of room for two people (and maybe a dog). There are also built-in bumpers on the sides and where your head lays so you don’t wake up with any bruises, and the mattress even comes with its own pump that can handle inflating it in less than five minutes.

Put Your Food In The Frunk

Tesloid Model Y Camping Solutions

Model Y frunk cooler food bag ($119.99)

Ah, the frunk. It’s one of the unique advantages of owning an EV – having an extra cargo hold where the gas-guzzling engine would be on a normal car. For weekend warriors, the frunk is the perfect space to store food while camping, and a Model Y frunk cooler bag lets you pack it with ice or cold packs to keep your food fresh for days. 

The cooler bag from Tesloid fits the exact dimensions of the Model Y’s frunk so no space is wasted. It’s thermally insulated and also comes with a barrier to turn one side into a cooler and the other into a pantry. The important thing, though, is that your food is locked away and safe from hungry critters, including big ones such as bears. 

Block The Sun

Tesloid Model Y Camping Solutions

Model Y roof sunshade screen ($99.99)

You probably love your Model Y’s glass roof most of the time, but when the car’s sitting in the hot sun after a day of outdoor recreation, it can drastically increase the interior temperature or make the climate control system work extra hard to keep the inside cool. The solution is a sunshade screen for the Model Y like this one from Tesloid. 

The shade is custom-fitted to the Model Y’s glass roof and installs with clips that require no drilling or adhesive. It comes in two parts, as well, so you can choose your level of coverage, and includes a thermal reflective layer that sends those rays back where they came from.

Use The Roof

Tesloid Model Y Camping Solutions

Model Y roof rack ($229.99)

You want to use all available space in your Model Y when packing for your camping trip. That includes the roof. Unfortunately, the Model Y doesn’t come from the factory with a roof rack, but you can buy one from Tesloid that looks like it was designed by Franz von Holzhausen himself. 

Made out of high-strength aluminum, these roof rack bars were designed to be functional but also integrate seamlessly with the Model Y’s design. With this baby installed, you can free up the interior of your Model Y by carrying big things on the outside, be it a cargo box, bikes, snowboards, or whatever!

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