Tesla has often been known to cancel certain versions of its various models. Some of these cancellations come after the version is on the market for a short time, while others come before the promised version ever launches.

This wouldn't be such a big deal were it not for the fact that most Tesla buyers reserve their cars well in advance. Such is the case here in which the story surely resonates with many who reserved the Long Range RWD Tesla Model Y, a promised version of the car that Tesla never delivered and actually officially canceled not too long ago.

The issue is that some potential Long Range RWD Model Y buyers had placed $2,500 deposits for the car long ago and were told it was coming soon. Well, soon turned into never, but along the way, Tesla raised prices of most of its Model Y versions substantially, and that was where things turned sour.

Below is the story of one such individual who plunked down some $2,500 to reserve a Model Y Long Range RWD. His tale is but one of many. In the end, he backed out and became what he calls a Tesla "almost-customer," and he's left with a proper feeling of having been wronged by Tesla.

Here's His Tale

Months before the first Model Y was delivered to its first customer, I decided to drop $2,500 to reserve a new Long Range RWD Tesla Model Y (a version that much later would be completely canceled by Tesla). I decided on this particular combination as range and optimal efficiency were my top priorities. I would rather.

At its launch, Tesla made the decision to only produce and ship the Dual-motor version but continued skipping over the version that I ordered, the Long Range RWD version. As months turned into years, I remained patient despite Tesla gladly holding my deposit. My order page continued to suggest that delivery would occur shortly.

During this incredible long wait, I watched tremendous cost fluctuations on the Y, at first dropping (would have purchased at these times if Tesla would have informed me the version I ordered would never be produced) and then most recently, extreme price escalations. All the while, my order was still locked in firm with Tesla. I called a few times through this process to try to get a status on my version. Each time, I was told the obvious that Tesla has decided not to start my version yet. So, I continued to wait, and wait, and wait until...

Email received 12/8/21


We’re contacting you regarding your Model Y order XXXXXXXX placed on January 23, 2020. We’d like to help you update your configuration, as we do not build the configuration you originally selected. We’re excited to support you through the process and deliver your reconfigured Model Y at your earliest convenience.

To update your configuration, please sign in to your Tesla Account and select Update Design by December 16, 2021.

If we do not hear from you by December 16, 2021, we will assume that you no longer wish to purchase a vehicle. We will automatically cancel your order and refund your order deposit.

Thank you for supporting the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Best Regards,
The Tesla Team

Tesla Model Y

As directed by this email, I went into my Tesla account to reconfigure my order to find that I would now be forced to pay the current price for a new reservation which is over $10,000.00 more than what I could have bought it for months ago if I would have been notified that this model would never be produced.

Individuals taking delivery now who have placed their reservations over a year after I reserved mine will be paying thousands less. In fact, order holders expecting early summer deliveries will have still paid thousands less than I will be forced to pay.

I reached out to the sales department of Tesla as surely this must have been an oversight. Wrong! Despite sales being in complete agreement over this new bizarre policy, there was nothing they could do to change this inequity. This is the new policy and there is nothing that they can do to bend this new rule. Months ago, before it was announced this model will never be made, they could have made exceptions, but I was informed that this policy has just changed and that exceptions will no longer be made.

If I hadn't spent $2,500.00 to hold my reservation, I would accept and be understanding of this, but, in the end, what did my $2,500.00 deposit get me? I suppose all I gained was having to wait almost 2 additional years to be able to buy the version that I did not initially want at approximately $10,000.00 more than what was initially ordered. What is the logic in this, Tesla?

Extremely disappointed Tesla almost-customer

Sound Familiar?

If this has happened to you, let us know in the comments and let us know what decision you made in the end.

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