Before we say anything about the Lucid Air, that seems to be impressing reviewers left and right, take a time to take in the deep black example featured in this video by Wherever you may stand on black cars, the black Air in the video might just be the best looking one we’ve seen yet. calls the Air “astonishingly good” in its written review of the vehicle, praising it for all the usual qualities, like the way it looks, the luxurious feeling of its interior, how well it drives and, of course, how quick it is, how long it can go on one charge and how quickly its battery can be topped up when the time comes to charge it.

Talking about its range, efficiency and charging capacity, they say the Air is

Is basically the next-generation electric car that the Tesla Model S should have become by now but hasn’t. The key is efficiency, something that doesn’t get talked about all that much with electric cars. 

Everyone prefers to focus on battery size or range or recharge times — but if an electric car is engineered for maximum efficiency, all of those things fall into place. That’s what we have here with the Air.

We also recently got to try out the Air and our opinion of it doesn’t really differ from the consensus - it’s a truly remarkable vehicle, even more so when you remember it comes from a company that had not built cars before. You may also want to check out our full charging analysis of DC fast charging session with the the Air done by our own Tom Moloughney who charged it from almost dead to 100 percent.

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