Our friends over at Teslarati sent another friend, Tesla Raj, to Rivian's First Mile event. Raj not only got to see the R1T electric truck up close, but he also got to take it for a drive.

For those who have watched similar videos from such events, you may know that Rivian didn't just let people ride in the R1T or drive the truck in a paved parking lot or on a private road, but rather, it let some folks venture out to where the Adventure Vehicle is designed to truly shine.

We recently shared a related video with you from the same event. It featured social media influencer @Minimal Duck, who raved about the R1T's "perfect traction." Lucky for Raj, Duck helped out with the video above, providing the awesome drone footage. Raj writes:

"In this video, I cover the company, the truck, who it's for, and my reactions to taking the truck off-road and in off-road rally mode! I went to this event as press and received no compensation of goods from Rivian. Just an opportunity to see the vehicle and test drive it."

When we watch these videos of the Rivian event, it reminds us of a similar experience we had years ago in Portugal, driving the Jaguar I-Pace. The Rivian electric pickup truck is put to the test over and over, not only powering over rough two-track dirt roads, but also climbing hills, fording water, and much more.

While the R1T has more than proven its incredible off-road prowess and capability, it's also luxurious inside. Think of it as a fully electric Land Rover pickup truck with cutting-edge technology, unique features – such as the gear tunnel and related accessories – and comfortable accommodations for the whole family.

If you're not in the market for a pickup truck, but you find yourself falling in love with the R1T, the brand will be bringing the all-electric three-row R1S SUV to market in the near future. 

Check out the video to see the Rivian R1T in action. Then, let us know your thoughts on the first fully electric pickup truck on our shores. What do you love? What would you change?

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