Whenever someone reviews the new Audi E-Tron GT, regardless of version, they always feel compelled to compare it to the Porsche Taycan with which it shares a lot. Yet all ultimately reach the conclusion that the Audi is a more comfort-focused car than the Porsche, even if the performance numbers are still firmly in supercar realm.

The Smoking Tire’s Matt and Zack had a go in the Audi RS E-Tron GT and the non-RS version and they drew some very interesting conclusions, predictably comparing them to the Porsche Taycan. Firstly, the feeling you get from behind the wheel is not quite the same, the driving position isn’t the same and the way the car feels around the corners isn’t quite as hunkered down.

Another difference between the vehicles is the Porsche’s more unapologetic futuristic approach, especially to the design and layout of the interior. By contrast, the Audi just looks like another model in the manufacturer’s range, not a bespoke electric model based on the same underpinnings as a Porsche.

But even if it’s not quite as sharp and focused as the Taycan, the E-Tron GT, particularly the RS, is still a hoot to drive on a winding road. In fact, this is what this video is about and the car is very apt at threading together corner after corner. It’s also enjoyable for the driver - you can genuinely have fun throwing the RS GT around a twisty canyon or mountain road, just not quite as much fun as you would be having in a comparable Porsche Taycan.

This by no means disqualifies the E-Tron GT as a valid choice over the Taycan. It’s clearly aimed at slightly different buyers who aren’t quite as hardcore enthusiast drivers as the people who would buy the Porsche, but the difference is really minimal and you’d have to drive the two back to back to really be able to tell.

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