With rivals like the Lucid Air and the ubiquitous Tesla Model S, the Mercedes-Benz EQS has serious rivals to deal with, so it needs to be very good. It won’t beat them when it comes to sheer performance (both can be had with 1,000+ horsepower), but being a Mercedes, it should tick all the right luxury car boxes and wow its passengers with well engineered and well thought out features.

Autogefuhl tested it in its current most powerful guise and even with 516 horsepower (523 PS) and 631 pound-feet (855 Nm), it still felt very quick from behind the wheel. With a nought to sixty time of around 4 seconds, it won’t trouble the top performance variants of either electric sedans mentioned above, but you will not be left wanting for power.

Features, gadgets and luxury feel is where the EQS excels, according to this review. Its interior still feels like that of a modern Mercedes, but it’s certainly more unique than that of the equivalent ICE model from the manufacturer’s lineup, the S-Class.

EQS charging curve

The reviewers also got what they say is the first look at the charging curve for the EQS 580, provided by Mercedes. The EQS can be charged at a maximum 200 kW, which is maintained for the first seven minutes of charging if the battery is close to empty. The manufacturer says that it can take the state of charge from 10 to 80 percent in exactly 31 minutes.

The EQS also has a standard 11 kW on-board charger, but you can optionally have a 22 kW charger at extra cost. If you want to know all the details, hear all its bells rung and its whistles blown, grab some popcorn and watch the entire detailed 40-minute video embedded in this article; there's also a dedicated night review highlighting the EQS' striking mood lighting setup below.

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