As you likely already know, a friend of the site via Kyle Conner – Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla on YouTube) – has been doing crazy things with his Tesla Model Y ever since he took delivery. He modified it to be an Overlanding vehicle. Now, he has a special camping setup that he's trying out in Moab, Utah.

We recently shared some brief videos with you from Jenkins' Twitter account. They offered a hint of what he's doing in Moab, Utah. However, there wasn't a lot of content. It was more like a teaser to let people know that he planned to produce some more in-depth videos of his Model Y Overlanding trip.

Now, we have the video above, which features the Overlanding Model Y's camping setup. Who needs a camper when you can set up your Tesla Model Y with a rooftop tent? We honestly think this camping setup may appeal to many outdoor lovers.

As you can see, the tent sets up directly on top of the Model Y's panoramic glass roof. Some folks might be a bit scared to get up there, not because of the height, but for fear the glass might break. However, Jenkins says the setup is such that the weight of their bodies isn't actually touching the glass. Regardless, he points out that Tesla says you can stack five Model Ys on top of the Model Y, or two African gray elephants, it's your choice. Or, you could just put a tent up there.

Jenkins' spot in Moab is a bit noisy, since he's right next to the road. It's also quite windy. he parked the Model Y behind a large sign to break the wind, but, of course, the wind quickly changed direction.

At any rate, Jenkins has lots of neat stuff to share in the video, so we'll leave you to it. Once you've had a chance to watch, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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