After the F-150 Lightning was presented, Paul Barron invited Ricky Roy to chat about electric pickup trucks. Barron and the man behind the Two Bit Da Vinci YouTube channel compared the three most relevant electric pickup truck options. Apart from Ford’s contender, they also discussed the Rivian R1T and the Tesla Cybertruck.

Roy had just been to the F-150 Lightning presentation event, and he was impressed with the level of commitment to electric mobility that Ford presented with it. Comparing GM and Ford, he said that the latter had launched electric vehicles in two of its primary market segments, while the former just had the Chevy Bolt EV so far.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

For the youtuber, familiarity is probably one of Ford’s main weapons in this emergent electric pickup truck segment. Instead of appealing to the guys that want a more technological product, such as the Cybertruck, Roy thinks Ford is talking to the same guys that buy the regular F-150. Evidently, these are the same folks that help Ford have the best-selling vehicle in the world.

That said, the F-150 Lightning has excellent chances of being the sales champion among electric pickup trucks as well. According to Roy, this would be what made Ford pursue the production of its own cells: it has to ensure ample supplies, and it probably knows that it will sell whatever it manages to manufacture.

One interesting phenomenon Roy noticed was that some of his viewers were saying that the F-150 Lightning is the first EV they were ever considering buying. Just like many of them are waiting for Toyota to manufacture one of its future EVs: it has to do with the reliability reputation of these products and brands.

Barron and Roy also discuss how Ford got the F-150 Lightning frunk right and their design preferences. For Roy, it would not be a determining factor for his purchase. The range the Tesla Cybertruck promises to offer for $70,000 would be more critical. Follow their whole discussion and give your two cents in the comments below.

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