Porsche has taken the electric car wold by storm with its Taycan, a vehicle that is almost unanimously praised by anybody who drives it. But now there’s an alternative to the Taycan, from fellow VW group brand Audi that has created its own vehicle based on the same underpinnings - the E-Tron GT.

As you can imagine, the E-Tron GT is winning the hearts of reviewers just as quickly as the Taycan, and some say the prefer its more comfortable nature and grand touring focus, as opposed to the Porsche’s all out sports car approach. We haven’t really seen them being tested and compared against one another, so this video comparison from PistonHeads is quite revealing.

Testing cars in isolation can never substitute driving and shooting them on the same day, on the same road. Reviewer Dan Prosser has his first go in the Taycan, which he unsurprisingly says mostly only very positive things about, but then he gets aboard the Audi and discovers it’s a more traditional cabin whose physical buttons just make life better.

It’s not quite as futuristic looking inside as the Porsche, but according to this video, it’s more usable. When it comes to the driving part of the video, Dan showers the Taycan with praise - it really seems to be a motoring journo darling the Taycan. Then he gets aboard the Audi and discovers that while it may feel more long legged, it’s actually not as good as the Porsche in several ways.

Firstly, he points out that he can hear more wind and road noise in the GT. He also mentions that the steering doesn’t feel quite as connected and with the higher seating position, the overall driving experience ends up being quite different. It’s still a good car, but it’s not quite as good at pleasing keen drivers as the Porsche.

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