Edmunds bought a Tesla Model Y Performance just over a year and 9,000 miles ago and it’s pretty clear they enjoyed its performance and tech. The performance of the Model Y Performance seems to have been the most noteworthy characteristic, as they drag raced it against a Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk, a BMW X3 M, a Mercedes-Benz GLC63S and even a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and it won all of those races quite easily.

Another big plus point is the accessibility of the performance. Some of the cars listed above are comparable when it comes to their acceleration, but it’s harder to extract 100 percent of what they have to offer every time. By contrast, the Model Y Performance requires way less skill to make the most of its brutal acceleration.

The outlet also mentioned the Model Y’s impressive tech, practicality and the over 20,000-strong global Supercharger network that is unrivaled. Many owners list it as one of the biggest draws to buying a Tesla and we certainly see why.

When it comes to the bad points noticed by the Edmunds team, these included the 21-inch rims of the Model Y Performance, the harshness of the suspension, or the fact that Full Self Driving still isn’t done (along with Navigate on Autopilot and the Summon feature, all of which are still in Beta). 

Then there are the quality issues like inconsistent panel gaps (that aren’t as bad as before, although they’re still by no means perfect), the rear spoiler also came loose, the back seat developed a rattle (and the individual seats aren’t properly aligned any more) and the right fog light fell inside the bumper.

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