Electric vehicles nowadays have become competitive against ICE vehicles, and the best vehicle to exemplify that is the Tesla Model 3. The compact electric sedan from Tesla is now almost unanimously recommended by even the most seasoned veteran car reviewers who in the past were very reticent to state just how good it is.

And the Model 3’s success is not blown out of proportion by EV fans; it is documented by the model’s constantly increasing sales and popularity. Now Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and CEO, is saying that the Model 3 is outselling its conventional internal-combustion-engined rivals, even though it too will be eclipsed by the predicted global success of the Model Y crossover.

Musk says that the Model 3 is now the best selling premium sedan in the world, dethroning the long running champion in the segment, the BMW 3 Series. He also points out that this was achieved in under 4 years while building cars in just two factories, and is hopeful when it comes to future prospects.

But it’s not just Musk blowing the Model 3’s horn. This is confirmed by owners, most of whom are extremely happy with their purchase. And those who have YouTube channels, rave on about the many things they like about it and how it has changed their lives to a degree. In fact, some people make YouTube channels specifically to talk about their Tesla, proving their passion for the brand and appreciation for the car it produces.

There are many videos listing all the reasons why you’d want to opt for a Model 3 instead of an ICE rival, and here’s another one, this time published by a Brit who goes by the name Adam Wellinformed on YouTube. He is a Model 3 owner and he lists what he believes are the 10 key reasons why you should seriously consider it as your next car.

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