This Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus review covers topics like range loss in cold weather, reliability, service, Autopilot and so much more.

In our ongoing effort to present long-term, real-world reviews of electric cars, this Model 3 one crossed our radar and we think it's very well laid out and definitely worth sharing.

Yes, there are tons of "reviews" out there (mostly from major media outlets) but we often feel they're lacking in one big regard and that's because they most often just present thoughts from a brief time behind the wheel (typically one week or less).

What's particularly special about this Model 3 review is that it covers the Standard Range PLus version and specifically focuses on range and range loss, something that is likely on the minds of almost everyone who is deciding on whether or not the SR+ Model 3 will meet their needs or if the Long Range Model 3 is a better option.

Let's dive into what's covered in this video, as detailed by YouTuber Matthew Baiamonte:

I give my Tesla Model 3 standard range plus review after having driven the car over 20,000 miles. I break it down into 5 categories:

1. Driving and AutoPilot

2. Range and Charging

3. Software Updates

4. Reliability and Service

5. Cold Weather Range Loss 

We think that the most important topics for potential Model 3 SR+ buyers will likely be range and cold-weather range loss, though certainly reliability is on everyone's minds. Why range? Well, the SR+ Model 3 has an EPA range rating of just 263 miles, so any loss in cold or over time could make the car less viable to some potential buyers.

Enough talk, it's time to watch the video. Here are the timestamps:

  • 0:00​ Introduction
  • 1:15​ Driving and Autopilot
  • 3:43​ Charging and Range
  • 6:14​ Software Updates
  • 8:35​ Reliability and Service
  • 10:00​ Cold Weather Impact
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