There has been a myriad of comparisons between the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, but few including the Model X. This made sense since, until recently, the Model Y didn't offer third-row seats. However, now, for an extra $3,000, you can opt for a 7-seat Model Y. Is it worth it? 

The Model Y with the optional third row starts at $53,990. The Model X comes standard with five seats, just like the Model Y. You can choose to outfit the Model X with either six seats or seven seats. A 6-seat Model X starts at $96,490. The 7-seat model is actually cheaper, at $93,490.

We've seen plenty of reports of the Tesla Model Y's available third-row seats. It seems no matter who you talk to, they'll tell you the seats are certainly not spacious, which is the case with most compact and midsize SUVs with a third row. In fact, there are only a few midsize SUVs on the market with spacious accommodations in the rearmost seats.

With that said, smaller and shorter people have said that the Model Y's third row is workable, even for adults, though it's a bit tight back there. Some taller and larger folks have proven they can access the seats, and even fit back there. However, their head may nearly touch the hatch, and depending on the position of the second-row seats, their knees may contact the seatbacks.

The Model X's rearmost row is more spacious than the Model Y's. However, according to many car reviews and reports, the third-row seats are cramped for adults.

Kim Java connects with her neighbor to provide a thorough comparison of the Tesla Model X versus the new, 3-row Model Y. Check out the video for all the answers. Then, scroll down to the comment section and let us know which car you'd choose, and why?

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