Installing a home charging station for your EV can seem like a difficult task, but we walk you through the steps here.

Congratulations! You’ve gone and bought yourself an electric car! Brilliant! But your next thought may well be ‘how am I gonna charge the darn thing?’

We’ve had a little look into installing a home charger, and we’re reporting back with some interesting details. Stay tuned. 


Let’s get money out of the way first! Unfortunately, there’s no one answer here. It depends on what you need and where you are in the world. 

Charging Speeds at Home 

So I guess since you’re watching this video you’ve decided not to go with a domestic plug to charge up your car at home. Because that’s pretty slow anyway…here in the UK it would take you 2 full days to charge a top-of-the-range Tesla Model S from empty! 

Most people are going to get a dedicated charge point installed. Maybe you’ll attach it to the wall beside your front door. Maybe it will be inside your garage. Either way, you’ll be getting a faster charge.

Safety Concerns 

A good, registered installer will have you covered here. Regulations are different across the world as to the exact specifications and rules for fitting chargers. But there’s no need to worry if you’re choosing a trustworthy brand of charger and using a trustworthy installer. 

Good location 

A bit like buying property, it’s ‘Location, Location, Location!’ Take a few minutes to think about where you want your charger to be on your property. 

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