Our own contributor and video producer Kyle Conner spent some quality time with the Volkswagen ID.4, and he's not done. This should come as no surprise to those who follow InsideEVs and Kyle's long list of channels. There are few EVs (new and old) that Conner hasn't spent some quality time with. This makes his highly positive opinion of the all-new Volkswagen crossover SUV hold plenty of weight.

We remember the first time Conner checked out the ID.4. He only got a brief time with it, and he couldn't share any driving impressions for a time, but it seemed he was in love at first sight. This is not just to say the ID.4's visual appeal got Kyle's attention, but rather everything it has to offer, especially when considering its price.

Some readers may say Conner is just a typical Tesla fan. However, that's far from true. Kyle is a car fan through and through, regardless of powertrain or manufacturer. He's owned some Teslas, along with other EVs and a long list of gas cars. Kyle will be the first to tell you if he's unhappy with Tesla, as well the first to tell you if a new EV either has what it takes to impress people, or is just a waste of energy.

With that said, if we told you Kyle Conner likes the Volkswagen ID.4, we'd be lying. This is because Conner loves the ID.4. Every time we talk to him he seems more enamored with this all-new fully electric crossover SUV.

Is it perfect? Of course not. There are issues VW must deal with, which is true of almost every new vehicle. However, as a whole, the ID.4 has just about everything a good, family-friendly SUV should offer. It just happens to be electric, and most importantly, it's happy (whatever that means).

The video above is part of a three-part series with in-depth coverage of the ID.4. Stay tuned for detailed driving impressions and much more. In the meantime, check out the happy video and let us know your thoughts on the all-new, happy VW ID.4.

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