BMW with its Individual program allows buyers of most of its cars to go as crazy with cosmetic customization options as their wallets allow them. You can buy a brand new BMW with a purple exterior, orange leather interior with purple contrasting stitching, if that tickles your fancy and the manufacturer is able to technically pull it off.

And the Bavarians aren’t the only premium automaker to offer such breadth when it comes to customization. When you buy a Tesla, though, you have a very limited selection of either exterior or interior colors, and while I’m sure this may not bother some people, there must be Tesla fans out there who agree with me: Tesla needs to offer more factory colors and more interior customization options too.

Now I do understand that Tesla isn’t a typical, traditional automaker and some facilities that a decades-old company can offer are harder to conjure up in the space of about a decade, but maybe it could expand the number of available paint finishes, at least - right now they’re ridiculously limited in a world where Audi, for instance, offers like five different shades of silver as part of the standard available colors for most of its cars.

tesla model s color choices

We’ll look at the available colors for the Model S, and then I’ll add my own ideas for some colors that could be worthy additions to the official palette. As we know, color has a big impact on a vehicle’s resale value, so I imagine that my color propositions would have an effect in this regard, yet at the same time, I am sure actual buyers would spec these colors.

Right now, you can order your Model S in pearl white, black, dark silver metallic, blue metallic and multi-coat red. Don’t get me wrong, the big sedan looks good whichever one you pick, but they are all pretty boring, generic colors.

Tesla Model S color ideas

There is some hope, though, with Tesla’s new paint shop being built at its new Berlin Gigafactory. The German facility will feature what has been described as the world’s most advanced paint shop, one capable of providing unique, high quality finishes that were not previously possible for Tesla to deliver.

The German production facility will only build the Model 3 and Model Y at first, so these two German-built models may be the first to take advantage of the advanced paint facility, but it does give us hope that Tesla will offer more colors on the larger Model S and Model X too. Until then, check out my selection of made-up colors for the Model S and do let us know if you like them, which is your favorite or if you think they are unnecessary, you’re happy with the five paints currently available and you don’t think it needs more.

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