Even though in Europe VW chose to first launch the ID.3 hatchback, in many other markets, U.S. included, it chose to skip the hatch and just concentrate on the ID.4 electric crossover. Now finally falling into reviewers’ hands, the ID.4 is racking up positive review after positive review and it’s shaping up to become a real disruptor in its size and price brackets.

But while most reviewers found it cool and competent, most reviewers are not Doug DeMuro. He often finds things others have missed or his opinions frequently skew away from the accepted mainstream. So what does he think of the ID.4, VW's new contender in the competitive small electric SUV segment in the US.

Well, you can grab some popcorn and enjoy his nearly half-hour-long detailed, in-depth review of the vehicle, but we can sum it up in a nutshell. He likes the ID.4 but interestingly he compares it to more traditional similar-size rivals, such as the Toyota RAV4 or the Honda CR-V which it is comparable in price to, after incentives and tax credits are factored in.

Doug also points out that even though the ID.4 is a VW, it is quite an unusual looking car from the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer, and it has a surprising number of quirks and features, more than VW’s more traditional models. The main problem he finds with the car by the end of the video is the laggy infotainment screen, although he still concedes it is a great value proposition for what it offers.

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