Our friends from All Electric Family are not only on a mission to go all electric, but also to help educate new and prospective EV owners. Since they were just recently new EV owners, they have a lot of insight to share. In fact, Katie and Steve say there are several things they wish they knew before buying their Tesla Model X.

If you follow InsideEVs regularly and/or are aware of the All Electric Family YouTube channel, you likely know the story. YouTube family Trail Less Traveled set aside their gas-powered pickup truck and huge travel trailer to make the switch to a Model X and a smaller camper. Not long after the transition, they rebranded their channel "All Electric Family."

Since then, the family has been putting together videos to help educate future EV owners. The videos primarily focus on EV towing, range, and charging, though they change it up from time to time. In the most recent video, embedded above, Katie admits 10 things she wishes she knew before buying the Tesla, though most apply to buying any EV after owning a gas car for years.

  • Weather impacts range, sometimes significantly
  • Unlike most gas cars, efficiency is better in city driving (not highway)
  • Be aware of how long it will take to charge plan ahead
  • Not all public charging networks are created equal (nor are they all compatible)
  • Public charging infrastructure is growing rapidly
  • Public charging can be an adventure
  • You need to upgrade to fast-charge at home
  • Range anxiety is still a reality
  • Most EVs are a tech purchase, things evolve quickly
  • "EVs Rock!"

Did Katie hit the nail on the head? Did she miss something? Is there anything you'd remove from her list? Let's work together as EV advocates and help increase education and adoption. Share your list in the comment section below.

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