Driving any vehicle in the snow and ice can be challenging, but EVs can be more affected by the cold weather than conventionally-fueled vehicles since their batteries aren't operating at peak performance when they are cold. 

There are some good rules that apply to any type of vehicle, and also best practices that are specific to electric vehicles. So we put together our ten tips to survive the winter months in an electric vehicle.

We broke it up into two sections; there are five tips that are good advice for any vehicle on getting ready for the winter, and five more that are helpful in extending your EV's winter driving range. We also include a bonus tip in each section that's specifically for Tesla owners. 

Five tips to get ready for the winter:

  • @2:05 #1: Install proper winter tires
  • @3:40 #2: Check pressure & inflate once temperatures drop
  • @4:35 #3: Disable auto-folding mirrors
  • @5:25 #4: Set regenerative braking to "low"
  • @6:42 #5: Lift wiper blades before snow/freezing rain
  • @7:40 Tesla Bonus Tip: Remove ALL snow/ice from the rear window before opening the trunk

Five tips to help extend your winter driving range:

  • @9:51   #1: Slow down!
  • @11:05 #2: Use heated seats/steering wheel & rely less on cabin heat
  • @11:39 #3: Select Eco or Chill mode
  • @12:08 #4: Use preconditioning feature often
  • @15:05 #5: Park in direct sunlight whenever possible
  • @16:50 Tesla Bonus Tip: Set the supercharger as a destination in the navigation system so the car will preheat the battery on the way

So check out the video and let us know if we missed any good winter driving tips. We have a lot of experienced EV owners in the InsideEVs community so we're sure some of you can add to the list we compiled. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Got a tip for us? Email: tips@insideevs.com