Our friends from All Electric Family own a 2020 Tesla Model X, which they use for family road trips and towing a large camper. If you want an EV that can tow a heavy load and has lots of range, the Model X crossover is really the only current option. However, it's not cheap, with a starting price of $80,000.

You may remember, we recently posted a video of Katie from All Electric Family checking out the Tesla Model Y for the first time. Interestingly, her local Tesla Service Center gave her the Model Y as a loaner while the Model X was in for maintenance. She explained some features about the Model Y that she liked over the Model X. It's cheaper ($50,000), more modern, quieter, more responsive, and less busy inside. However, in the end, All Electric Family still prefers its Tesla Model X.

Remember, when All Electric Family first bought their Model X, we weren't sure they'd be able to stick with it. They had previously engaged in long cross-country style camping road trips pulling a massive travel trailer with a burly gas pickup truck. The Model X wasn't going to pull such a large trailer, the range was surely going to be an issue, and public charging would prove to be a challenge in some cases. Regardless of any obstacles, the family has kept the Model X and loved their time with it.

Katie talks about 10 things she loves about the Model X (and why it's better than the Model Y). First of all, for a family of five with a dog, the three-row Model X just makes more sense. Few EVs come close to the X's size. She also loves the panoramic roof, especially for sight-seeing. The Model X is also the safest SUV on the road, which is key for families. 

The video goes on to talk about the large touch screen, the automatic doors, the cupholders, and the interior storage space. The Model X isn't the most efficient EV, but it has loads of range and a respectable towing capacity. Check out the video for more details. Then, leave a comment for us below.

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