Sometimes, no matter how much you've got, you always want a little bit more. And the same goes for the range in your electric vehicle.

There are times when we would all just like our EV  to drive a little bit further. Of course, in the early days of electric vehicles, the range was very low and so it was a natural question for people to ask how far can you go and there was a great deal of focus on making them go a little bit further by driving them differently.

Does that still apply to electric vehicles now that they have bigger batteries?

So do EV drivers still need to know how to increase range? Well, we would argue yes, because whether your battery size is 20-kilowatt hours or 100, sometimes you always want to go a little bit further.

That's why most new EV's come with at least two different modes, Eco mode and normal Eco mode will often limit the amount of power that'll come out of the battery, even if you floor the accelerator, they will often limit the top speed, and some of them will even turn off the air conditioning. Some of them will increase the regenerative braking. And some cars don't just have two modes they'll have multiple.

So let's presume that if you are trying to get the best range out of your electric vehicle you've already enabled the most economic mode in the car. Some call it eco or eco plus. How about if you want even more range well we have got you covered. We brought together a panel of EV experts and in this video, you'll find out what they told us.

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