Many people have been waiting for the Tesla Model 3 to get a heat pump. This is especially true for folks who live in colder climates, like Norway. Leave it to hardcore Tesla and EV fan and social media influencer Bjørn Nyland to put the pump to the test.

The Model Y was the first Tesla to come with a heat pump, and it's actually standard. Tesla must be happy with the results since it has added a standard heat pump to the refreshed 2021 Model 3.

Nyland has been comparing the 2021 Tesla Model 3 to the 2019 model. We've shared a few other articles and videos about the updated Model 3, but this latest video is unique. Nyland, who lives in Norway, which experiences cold winters, tests how well the heat pump performs in the new Model 3 compared to a Model 3 without the pump.

Nyland has owned 'MC Hammer,' his 2019 Model 3 for some time. More recently, he was able to get ahold of a 2021 Model 3, which he says was produced in Fremont and has all the latest updates. 

As with many of Nyland's videos, there are a lot of numbers to take in. He keeps the camera trained on each car's touch screen, tests different modes, and reports on his findings. You'll have to watch the short video to get a grasp of it all. However, in summary, Nyland says on a typical drive in the cold weather, the refreshed Model 3's heat pump will save you about 3 kWh. Interestingly, he also says it will only reduce your Supercharging time by about 1.5 minutes.

Watch the video for a much more detailed explanation of Nyland's research. Then, scroll down and leave us your takeaways in the comment section below.

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