Seeing a car very few people managed to drive is almost a privilege. You get that with very exclusive vehicles or at car presentations, which makes this last sort of experience exclusive to motoring writers and dealers. Kyle Conner seized his chance to see the Lucid Air live by choosing five things he believes you must know about the luxury electric sedan.

For busy people, the best part is that this video takes no longer than two minutes to present to you these remarkable characteristics of the car, such as the largest frunk in the industry or the biggest taillights in any production EV.

Some of the information Conner presents you probably had already read here at InsideEVs in one of our multiple articles on the car. The fact that it will have three motors is one of them. Regardless, some of the Out Of Spec Reviews spectators may learn about the car directly from YouTube.

The prices are also important, and Conner presents them in a light and straightforward way. The most important thing for any electric car buyer – the range – is also mentioned in this video, and it was inescapable. No other EV can go as far as the Lucid Air, which has an estimated EPA range of 517 miles. Under the WLTP cycle, it will possibly be much longer.

Apart from the facts themselves, Conner also stresses how Lucid managed to get there. The range is not achieved by a massive battery pack. At 113 kWh, it is only slightly larger than that on the Tesla Model S. What makes this car special is how efficient it is, achieving 4.5 miles per kWh. That’s also a record for the Lucid Air.

Another one related to its quarter-mile time until Tesla revealed new specs for the Model S Plaid. It would break the 9 seconds barrier, while the Lucid Air would run the same quarter of a mile in 9.4 seconds. While the cars are not put for sale, it is a matter of believing what the manufacturers state. We prefer to see both of them prove their claims. That may be a sixth fun fact about the Lucid Air, and we’re sure Conner would love to verify that personally.

Source: Out Of Spec Reviews

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