According to some reports, some Tesla Model Y crossovers are being delivered with quality control issues. We've shared some of those here with you, but at the same time, we know many Model Y owners who insist their cars were delivered in tip-top condition. We'll say once again that we believe Tesla is suffering from some consistency issues, and the same likely holds true related to the service experience.

Whether you agree or disagree that Tesla vehicles have quality issues matters not. What's very important here is to look at the car in the video, and decide for yourself if you see any of the issues as "problematic."

This way, you'll know ahead of time what to look for, as well as what is an issue for you personally. This will make your delivery experience easier, and you'll be better equipped to pinpoint the issues and ask Tesla to fix them. In addition, this video also gives you a solid idea of whether or not Tesla will approve the fix, and how it may handle it.

In this case, the Model Y owner is very happy with Tesla Service so far. They've taken note of his concerns and fixed many of them already. You get to see the car before and after the work is performed.

Fortunately, this Tesla owner was able to have Tesla Mobile Service come out to his home and take care of some of the issues, which is much more convenient than going to a dealership. He also had his first visit to a Tesla Service Center, where more problems were addressed and repaired.

Tesla is in a somewhat unique situation here since all eyes are on its cars due to the stream of quality control issues, some of which are the real deal while others have been proven to be false reports in an attempt to cause concerns for Tesla.

Regardless of the source or validity, this means people are looking over their Teslas in very close detail in hopes that every misalignment and imperfection is handled. We don't blame them. When you spend $50,000 on a new car, you're entitled to hope it's practically perfect.

However, it's important to note that if owners of other cars were looking this closely, they may have similar complaints. While some issues certainly deserve attention, others are "within spec." Whether or not you agree with what an automaker considers "within spec" can become the real issue here.

If Tesla perfectly aligned every single panel gap to ultimate precision on every car that comes in with issues, it would have its hands full, as it already seems to. However, people shouldn't have to settle for a car with poor fit and finish. It seems there's a fine line between what's considered a problem and what's just to be expected. That's a hard pill to swallow for some owners.

If you're planning on buying a Tesla, just keep this in mind, do your homework, and don't settle for a car with issues you feel are beyond the scope of "typical."

Let us know if your Tesla vehicle has quality concerns. If so, what issues have you had, and was Tesla willing to address them?

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