Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw talks about Tesla's quality issues and how the company might be working to fix them. He says Tesla may be addressing the issues in a way that we're not expecting at all.

Every time we come across another video or article about Tesla's quality issues, we ask ourselves the same thing. Do Tesla's vehicles really have an abundance of concerns, is service really that bad, or are the reports just isolated issues that are getting news coverage since negative news is much more profitable than positive news.

The answer to the question doesn't really matter. If ANY Tesla owners are finding major problems with their cars in terms of paint, fit and finish, damage, etc. upon delivery, this is a problem. We also ask ourselves if people may be experiencing similar issues with cars from other automakers. Again, the answer doesn't matter. If it's true, people aren't reporting it nearly as often, and it's not necessarily a newsworthy story, at least on InsideEVs. If it is a newsworthy story, like our recent ID.3 coverage, we'll cover it.

Tesla is walking a very fine line, and it mostly has to do with the company's financial situation. It took years for Tesla to finally launch a more affordable car that's selling incredibly well. It took even longer for the company to finally record a profit. While Tesla is under constant scrutiny for quality and fit and finish, it's being looked at even more closely for its production numbers and profitability.

Tesla is surging forward, building as many cars as it can, ramping up deliveries, building global gigafactories, and working on new products. It seems the automaker's number one goal is to expand and deliver and prove it can continue to succeed and profit.

However, this fast-track situation may mean that some quality issues get overlooked in favor of getting cars out and in owners' driveways. This is especially true since Tesla has learned that many of its owners and fans don't seem to be overly concerned with the issues, but rather love their cars and want Tesla to succeed.

Shaw talks through it all and lets us know what he thinks Tesla is doing to get past the quality issues. Check out the video to learn what Shaw has to share. Then, let us know if you agree by leaving a comment below.

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