Engineering Explained asks, "Should you buy an electric car? How will you know if buying an EV is right for you? Should your next car be gas-powered r electric?"

At InsideEVs, you'd better bet we think you should buy an electric car. We think everyone should make the switch to an EV. However, there are certainly reasons some people may believe they shouldn't. Not everyone can afford an electric vehicle, some areas lack the necessary charging infrastructure, and some people have jobs that take them on long road trips often, etc.

With all of that said, most people should still buy an electric car. You'd actually be surprised at how well it could work out for you, regardless of your situation, though there are always exceptions. Most importantly, you have to be able to live with the decision. Engineering Explained takes an honest and detailed look at the pros and cons of going electric so you can decide for yourself. 

To decide if an electric car is right for you, you have to look at cost, convenience, driving, charging, and the environment. You also have to decide if you like the car itself, and its range, features, safety, reliability, and versatility.

There are few purchase decisions that are bigger than buying a new car, and this is especially true when you're investing in a new technology that has higher upfront costs than what you're used to. However, if you're sure you can recoup those costs through energy savings, rebates, incentives, less maintenance, etc., then there's less to worry about.

Don't be intimidated by the thought of switching from a gas car to an EV. Just be sure to do your homework. This video is a solid starting point to steer you in the right direction. Once you've watched it, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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