The YouTube channel E For Electric picked the right person to discuss multi-motor advantages in electric vehicles when they chose Lucid Motors' CEO, Peter Rawlinson. Before joining Lucid Motors, Rawlinson served as the Chief Engineer for Tesla, overseeing the Model S development. 

So Rawlinson knows this topic very well and is also able to communicate the advantages in easy to understand language.

Rawlinson explains how the rear tires get more load under acceleration, sometimes as much as twice as much as the front tires do. He also talks about why some companies mix induction motors and permanent magnet motors on the same vehicle.

Lucid Motors isn't doing that. They are using permanent magnet motors in the front and in the rear. Rawlinson explains that Lucid has made breakthroughs in power density, and their motor, inverter, transmission, and differential set combined is achieving over 16 kW per liter. I'm not going to pretend I know what the power density normally is, but Rawlinson explains that 16 kW per liter is an "extraordinary" figure. 

Because the performance of their drivetrain is so extraordinary, Rawlinson explains, they don't need to employ an induction motor for the added performance. He also says Lucid has made significant breakthroughs that have reduced the amount of losses in their permanent magnet motors.

We've made some breakthroughs in the power density of our permanent magnet solution - Peter Rawlinson, CEO, Lucid Motors

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But Rawlinson also explains that a single-motor, front-wheel-drive system is actually the perfect setup for simple urban driving, and where multi-motor vehicles really shine is when high performance is the desired result. He add's "If you really are a speed freak, three and four motors is the way to go".

So check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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