A few weeks ago, Nissan revealed and demonstrated its new all-electric prototype, used as a testbed for a twin-motor all-wheel control technology.

It's actually a Nissan LEAF e+ (with 62 kWh battery), but there are no signs that the LEAF will be offered in an all-wheel-drive version in the near future.

Nissan is simply teasing the upcoming BEV platform for new models from Nissan and Infiniti brands, probably as well as the broader Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. In the case of Nissan, the first candidate for the dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup is the crossover/SUV, hinted by the Ariya concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.

A side topic is whether there would be a market for an all-wheel-drive LEAF with more power, better acceleration and other benefits of AWD, for a few grand more?

Nissan's prototype uses two EM57 electric motors - one per axle, with a total system output of 227 kW and 680 Nm.

For comparison, the single EM57 motor in the 40 kWh LEAF is rated for 110 kW, while the e+ is equipped with 160 kW electric motor - good enough for sub-7-second 0-60 mph acceleration.

The Japanese manufacturer underlines that two motors enhance driving dynamics, ride comfort, regenerative braking, performances and very important - also safety (see a video demonstration on a wet road below).

Takao Asami, senior vice president for research and advanced engineering at Nissan said:

"Soon, Nissan will launch a next-generation EV that will be a true breakthrough. The new electric-drive four-wheel-control technology now being developed integrates Nissan's electric propulsion and 4WD control technologies with our chassis control technology to achieve a huge leap in acceleration, cornering and braking performance, on par with the latest sports cars."

Nissan LEAF e+ AWD prototype specs:

  • dual motor all-wheel-drive system with two EM57 electric motors (front and rear)
  • system output 227 kW and 680 Nm
  • Length (4,480 mm), Width (1,830 mm), Height (1,540 mm), Wheel base (2,700 mm)
  • tire: Front : 215/55R17, Rear : 235/50R17

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Nissan LEAF e+ AWD prototype is not the first all-electric AWD Nissan. Just a year ago, the company showed a second model evolution of its racing prototype Nissan LEAF NISMO RC.

The specs of this one in terms of power/torque were quite similar.

Nissan LEAF NISMO RC specs:

  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.4 seconds
  • battery capacity: undisclosed
  • dual motor all-wheel drive
  • system output: 240 kW (2x 120 kW) and 640 Nm of torque
  • curb weight: 1,220 kg
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Nissan builds EV test car with twin-motor all-wheel control technology

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