If you're interested in buying the Tesla Model Y, then perhaps you'd like to know if it's quiet or loud inside while driving. This video test aims to present precisely that.

Noise is always a concern for any vehicle, but it's a bigger issue when it comes to electric cars. This is due to the fact that the electric drivetrain is inherently quiet, so any other noises really stand out.

For example, wind noise around mirrors or air entering through poor seals has been a common complaint amongst Tesla owners. Or, in general, road noise too can be an issue, though Tesla has taken steps to reduce this. For example, the automaker uses special tires with sound dampening material installed within to reduce noise.

The Tesla Model 3 has often been criticized for being quite noisy within, but it the newer and more expensive Model Y better in this regard? To find out, Model Y owner Andy Cheng conducted a series of road tests at various speeds to see how loud the Model Y is within. The results can be seen and heard in the video above, so give it a watch and listen to see if the Model Y is quiet enough for you to consider buying one.


Video description via Andy Cheng on YouTube:

One of the most common questions I heard is, how noisy is Tesla Model Y? Well, today I'm going to drive around the town and show you my results. You be the judge! The audio is taken directly from the Samsung S20 mic.

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