As the COVID-19 pandemic works to infect people, threaten lives, and destroy our global economy, it's difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel. To even so much as suggest that any good could come of this would likely bother many people. However, we are seeing a notable, positive impact on the environment on many levels.

According to scientists, there has been a clear decrease in carbon emissions across the globe. This was first discovered in China, but has been since observed, measured, and reported in many other locations.

More specifically, air pollution is at an incredible low. Sure, there have also been social media memes and posts about wildlife thriving, which may or may not be provable at this point. On the flip side, negative environmental impacts are growing as well. This comes mostly from increased medical waste and packaging from the increase in online shopping. 

While we at InsideEVs are fascinated by all of this information, we are focused on the data related to emissions and air pollution. This is because gas cars are a major contributor to the issue. The lack of cars on global roadways, among other factors, are directly responsible for the cleaner air. This emphasizes the importance of the switch to electric cars. 

Check out the compelling data in the infographic below for more details:


The article that accompanies the above infographic has many more supporting details. It's definitely worth reading. You can check it out by following the source link below.

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