Every year, when winter arrives, we look forward to new reports from EVs owners about how their cars fare in the wet, slippery stuff. In addition, we appreciate any tips and tricks they may have to offer to help people better prepare for safe travels.

This recent video comes from the icy, snowy north. It focuses on the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and its winter weather prowess. The video was filmed by YouTube influencer Tesla Canadian Dad (TCD)

Prior to many earlier reports that the Model 3 Standard Range Plus handles surprisingly well in the snow, many people may have asked why a Canadian family would even consider buying a small, torquey, rear-wheel-drive electric car with knowledge of the impending winter weather conditions.

TCD says people tried to convince him not to buy the Model 3. He even admits that he was nervous about buying the car. Nonetheless, he moved forward with purchasing the Tesla, which is the first rear-wheel-drive car his family has owned.

TCD explains that no matter which car you own, it's important to practice in a parking lot and on some quiet roads to get an idea of how your car handles on ice and snow. While he does say the Model 3 feels much different than other cars in wintery conditions, he's happy with his choice.

Check out the video for many more details. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Video Description via Tesla Canadian Dad TCD on YouTube:

2020 Tesla Model 3 Winter Review - SR+ RWD

Today we review the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus with Rear Wheel Drive in Winter Icy and Snowy conditions. Special thank you to Jeff Gilchrist from the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Group on Facebook for the chart on Tesla Model 3 efficiency.

I had a bit of a cold while filming. Sorry about the sore throat.

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