Are there reasons NOT to buy a Tesla? Sure there are. We could come up with plenty of reasons that a Tesla might not be the right choice for you. First and foremost, they're expensive. Moreover, some people argue that since Tesla is a relatively new automaker, it hasn't worked out all the bugs, nor does it have the experience and know-how of legacy automakers. However, others will tell you that when it comes to EVs, there's none better than Tesla.

While there are surely reasons not to buy a Tesla — and this can be said about any car — there are arguably more reasons you SHOULD buy one. Many people across the globe are making that abundantly clear as demand for the Tesla Model 3 is massive and owners seem incredibly pleased with their cars.

Nonetheless, recently published an article entitled "20 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy A Tesla." We'd need to say up front that it wouldn't be very hard to write such an article and actually work to mention, true, valid, and verifiable reasons that Tesla ownership may not be for you. Heck, there are at least 20 valid reasons you shouldn't buy just about anything. However, in this case, most of what the author mentions is just a mess.

EVlectric takes us through the list one at a time. He makes it clear that there are a few he really doesn't feel comfortable debunking, and we respect him for his honesty (though we would have probably done some research). The sad part though is that it's hard to even know what's the truth on the internet these days, so perhaps he was smart to just admit his lack of knowledge on a few of the subjects.

If you're into video or would rather listen than read, feel free to check out EVlectric's take in the video above. However, we strongly suggest scrolling down and opening the article from the link below and drawing your own conclusions. In addition, he's taken the time to break it all down for us in text form in the video description.

At a quick glance, which reasons do you agree with? Disagree with? What reasons can you offer about the pros and cons of buying a Tesla? Please share with us in the Comments.

Video Description via EVlectric on YouTube:

Reviewing THE WORST Tesla Hate Article 2019

I couldn't help myself, I had to make a video of this Tesla hate and show people how untruthful it is. It's clear that the writer has never been in one long term and is just writing this for ad revenue or something. It seems like they have never even been in one.

To read along, here is the article. 20 Reasons why you shouldn't buy a Tesla:

Reasons 20-15: (1:05)
20. CAN’T HAUL ANYTHING - Watch as I show an article of a Model X beating a world record tow of 287,000lb plane 19. IT’S EXPENSIVE - True but for good reason. 18. CHARGING STATIONS AREN’T EVERYWHERE - Clearly, they havent been everywhere 17. MUST GO TO DEALERSHIP FOR SERVICE - I have a ranger coming out for my service on Tuesday lol 16. TESLA HAS SOME SERIOUSLY BAD PRESS - Sounds about right... 15. NOT REALLY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - I mentioned how I am not sure about this one. I don't know the processes the power companies or Tesla's battery manufacturing goes.

Reasons 14-9: (2:52)
14. CHARGING TAKES A LONG TIME - Just click this, it will explain 13. ROADSIDE SERVICE ISN’T EASY - It is very easy it just takes forever. 12. DOESN’T COME WITH A SPARE TIRE - Don't buy this car, it doesn't come with an extra tire. 11. LOSES POWER IN COLD TEMPERATURES - I don't have much experience with this. It seemed fine when I was in the extreme cold for a short time but maybe others can comment on their experiences. 10. DANGEROUS ON SLIPPERY ROADS - As they show a Model S going fast on a wet road. 9. NO TEST DRIVES - I got to drive a Model S P100D Ludicrous as a test drive. If they let me in that car, I know they'll let you!

Reasons 8-1: (5:27)
8. SOFTWARE NEEDS REGULAR UPDATING - Darn another helpful update. 7. UNCLEAR RESALE VALUE - I agree on this one actually, it's not unclear is just a lot lower of value than it should be. 6. ZERO ABILITY TO MAINTAIN IT YOURSELF - Well, I rotate my own tires, put washer fluid in and when brake fluid is needed ill do that too. What more maintenance do we need to do? 5. SELF DRIVING MYTHS EXIST - Right... 4. LIMITED ABILITY TO DRIVE ON THE HIGHWAY - My friend set the fastest time from west to east coast in a Model 3. 3. LONG TRIPS ARE A THING OF THE PAST - see last response. 2. IT’S INCONVENIENT - You can't just restate other reasons in the article and make it a new reason lol. 1. TECHNOLOGY IS TOO NEW - New iPhone 11 and Pixel 4 came out. Don't buy it! its the newest and best tech, so don't buy it!

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