The Schumacher SEV1600 series of electric vehicle charging equipment was introduced in mid-2022 by Dallas/Fort Worth, TX-based Schumacher Electric. Schumacher has been designing and producing electrical components for over 75 years, so we were excited to hear that the long-trusted brand was getting into the electric vehicle charging equipment space. 

Offered in three different variants (two plug configurations and one hardwired version) the 50-amp EVSE costs $649.00. We asked and were granted a loan of one so we could conduct a comprehensive review.

Schumacher SEV1600 EV charger key features

The Schumacher SEV1600 can deliver up to 12 kW when hardwired and installed on a dedicated circuit of at least 70-amps. Most owners that choose to hardwire the unit will do so on a 60-amp circuit and limit the power output to 48-amps (11.5 kW) since very few EVs can accept more than 48-amps and the additional cost for the lower gauge wire and the higher-rated circuit breaker isn't worth the extra 2 amps of potential power.

Electric vehicle charging equipment is a "continuous load" and therefore can only output 80% of the circuit's maximum power, which is why the extra 2 amps would require a circuit upgrade. 

For those that don't want to hardwire the charger, Schumacher offers it with the choice of a NEMA 14-50 plug as well as a NEMA 6-50 one. However, the plugs, as well as the charging cable aren't attached to the unit from the factory and must be assembled before installation.

That's unusual, but it's not the only EVSE that requires assembly before use. The ChargePoint Home Flex also requires the owner to attach the cable and plug before it's installed. 

Schumacher EV charger cable deep freeze

Schumacher EV charger cable deep freeze test

We used the unit for a few weeks and charged a variety of EVs with it without issue. However, we weren't able to get the Shupower app to work so we couldn't test out the real-time energy reporting as well as charging session logs. We even deleted and reinstalled the app three times and each time it connected and populated in the app, however, it wouldn't show any charging data. 

It passed out automatic restart and connector drop tests, but failed the cable deep freeze test, as the thick 21.5 mm cable became frozen stiff and was very difficult to manage. We did like the connector which has LED lights built into it that light up when the unit is actively charging a vehicle. 

It also has a unique connector holster that allows the user to holster the connector for either side of the unit and you can even holster it with a Tesla adapter still attached to the J1772 charging gun. 

ChargerRater Schumacher SEV1600

ChargerRater score for the Schumacher SEV1600

Owners can adjust the power output from 3.8 kW all the way up to the 12 kW maximum from an internal dip switch, and we demonstrate how to do that at 8:55 in the video. The outer casing is made of durable plastic and is NEMA3 rated, so it's fine for indoor as well as outdoor installations. 

The unit scored 86 points on our ChargerRater and finished up with a final score of 4.2 stars out of 5. It is safety certified, has a three-year warranty, and is Energy Star rated. 

Check out the full review in the video above and leave your comments and questions in the comment section below. 

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