Both the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T are finally being delivered to customers (albeit in small numbers). Hence it's a good time to take a closer look at both and try and find put which is definitively the better truck.

Stats-focused YouTuber Cleanerwatt decided to compare the Lightning and R1T across a wide range of categories.

Purchase Cost

The Lightning starts at under $40,000. The base model actually offers a lot of kit as standard, so the Ford definitely wins here versus the $67,500+ R1T.

Bed Comparison 

The Lightning is a bigger truck and therefore has a slightly larger bed. Both the R1T and Lightning have ginormous front trunks. However, the Rivian has a lot of clever storage spaces like a gear tunnel. That said, the Lightning has marginally more storage space overall.


The F-150 Lightning can tow up to 10,000 lbs. Meanwhile the R1T can manage up to 11,000 lbs. The F-150 has a 2,235 lbs max payload capacity meanwhile the R1T has a payload limit of 1,760 lbs.

Off-Road Ability / Features

The R1T has more ground clearance and a lot of clever tech, like a gear guard system. The Rivian also has a "camp kitchen" which is a really unique feature for adventuring. The Lightning is much more work-focused and can't compete with the Rivian when it comes to adventure / lifestyle features.

Range & Charging Times

The R1T has a 314-mile EPA range meanwhile the Lightning has a 300-mile EPA rating in Extended Range guise. Next year Rivian promises to release a version of the R1T with over 400 miles of EPA range. Both vehicles take 40-45 minutes to charge from 15-80% on a fast charger.


The Lightning comes with a 12" infotainment screen as standard but higher trims have a 15.5" setup. The R1T has a 15.6" central screen as well as a climate control display for rear passengers. Both infotainment screens appear to be very responsive. The R1T and Lightning both have ventilated seats, driver assistance setups and wireless phone chargers among many other features.


Cleanerwatt reckons the R1T is a better choice for private individuals seeking a lifestyle truck that they can drive on a daily basis. However for business owners looking for a work truck the Lightning is the better choice.

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