The hotly anticipated BMW i4 is finally here and it appears to live up to the hype. Arguably the first proper Tesla Model 3 rival, the i4 is a thoroughly impressive electric sedan according to this new review by Carbuyer.

The channel's host, Nicola Hume, first mentioned that the i4 is one of the best drivers electric cars. The one she reviewed was the eDrive 40, which sacrifices performance for range. But its still quite fast - 0-60 mph takes just 5.7 seconds. It's well balanced, with steering being very precise. She noted that for her, it drives and handles much better than a Model 3.

The ride quality is good, meanwhile real-world range for the eDrive40 is great - you can expect to get over 300 miles on a single charge in normal conditions. The interior quality is fantastic, although the infotainment is overly complicated at times. The driving position is good, with the seat being comfortable. In the rear legroom is sufficient although headroom can be somewhat restrictive given the i4's sloping roof. There's plenty of trunk space, although there is no frunk. The base Sport trim eDrive40 still gets a lot of equipment as standard and is the version Carbuyer thinks you should get.

In summary, Nicola stated that the i4 was a fantastic electric sedan with great handling and ride comfort. The range is superb, meanwhile the interior is class leading. The infotainment system is a bit hard to wrap your head around and rear passenger space could be better, plus there is no frunk. That said, she still thinks the i4 is one of the best electric cars on sale and a superior choice to the long dominant Model 3.

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