While there is certainly a lot to like about the fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge (the way it looks, its interior, performance and comfort), when it comes its road trip ability, it’s not quite class leading. The EPA rates it up to 223 miles with a new update installed, but if you were to drive it at a constant 70 mph, it most likely won’t be able to match the claim.

Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Reviews subjects the electric XC40 to the now famous 70 mph range test, driving it from 100 percent state of charge all the way down to zero and beyond. In this video, Kyle begins by charging up the Recharge, known to have not-the-best charging curve on the market, falling to just 7 kW speed above 90 percent state of charge in this particular test.

The XC40 Recharge is also known for really cutting back the power at low state of charge, making it unsafe to keep driving on the highway. In the video, Kyle notes that it is harder to maintain 70 mph with the battery dropping below 10 percent state of charge, and he points out that this model, along with the Polestar 2, are known to reduce power the most in low battery situations.

In the end, the vehicle does manage to exceed 210 miles, which is pretty good and actually quite close to the official EPA claim. The last part of the test is performed not on the highway, but on a nearby frontage road where Kyle is able to keep driving at 70 mph, until even pinning the go pedal to the floor only brings the car to around 40 mph - he then plugs the car back in and while initial charge rate is slow, it does eventually pick up.

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