When it comes to electric crossovers, the best-selling Tesla Model Y is the default option for many. However, a number of price hikes over the past few months means Tesla's crossover now starts at a hefty $58,990. In comparison, the equally practical Volkswagen ID.4 can cost as little as $32,495 after the Federal Tax Credit (which Tesla no longer qualifies for). Yes, the Model Y is faster than the ID.4 - but for a family crossover does that really matter? Equally, the Model Y has better tech, autonomy and charging infrastructure. All in all, is the Model Y worth the extra $20,000? YouTuber Gjeebs decided to find out.  

Gjeebs started off by mentioning charging infrastructure. He noted Tesla's Supercharger network is superior to VW's Electrify America, but for a lot of people charging infrastructure isn't a major deal. After all, the vast majority of charging is done at home overnight and only on roadtrips does charging infrastructure really play a role - and even then the Electrify America network should be sufficient for most journeys. 

He then discussed the models picked. The Volkswagen ID.4 selected is the Pro S, which features an 82 kWh battery pack. The Pro S currently starts at $44,495 with an effective price of $36,995 after the FTC has been applied. It's compared with a $58,990 Tesla Model Y Long Range. Both vehicles have similar range and AWD.

In terms of exterior looks, personally Gjeebs preferred the sloped look of the Model Y versus the more traditional ID.4. Inside he praised the seat materials and openness of the ID.4. Overall, he found the Volkswagen to be comfortable and spacious. However, the one thing he wasn't a fan of was the piano black littered throughout the ID.4's interior. He found the infotainment to be clear, quick and responsive - VW has released several OTA updates in the past few months, and the notorious software problems reported several months ago are now gone. He also praised the instrument cluster in front of the driver, something the Model Y is of course lacking. 

As for the Model Y, he found the front seats marginally more comfortable than the ID.4's (which he noted were still great) but the backs seats worse. The Model Y interior is simplistic and basic, which Gjeebs personally likes but noted may not be for everyone. 

From a driving perspective, he felt the ID.4 had better ride quality than the Model Y. However handling and performance is of course supreme in the Y. Gjeebs was seriously impressed by the ID.4's turning radius and it's soft suspension. In terms of autonomy, the Model Y remains ahead. 

In conclusion, Gjeebs reckoned both are great crossovers but personally he would go for the Model Y. Why? Because of its performance and looks.

Which would you pick? Do you think the Model Y is worth the extra $20,000 over the ID.4? Let us know in the comments below.

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