Even though Mercedes-Benz launched a whole new model at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, and several all-new versions of existing models, the most talked about and popular model seemed to be the EQG Concept. It basically previews the production version of the electric G-Class, but it essentially looks the same as the W463 ICE version that’s on sale now.

Mercedes did differentiate it, at least visually, thanks to a completely closed off grille that in this concept was actually a screen, a light-up star emblem on the front, blue light accent trim around the vehicle’s body, unique 22-inch wheels, mirrors and instead of the spare tire, there is a box attached to the rear door. We don’t know what said box is for (possibly for storing charging cables) because it didn’t actually open.

Inside, it appears Mercedes has done little to differentiate the EQG, as it features exactly the same two-screen setup as the regular version. The motor show study did have an all-white leather interior that certainly made it feel more special, as well as specific Mercedes EQ digital dials and infotainment graphics - it looks like the electric G-Class isn’t getting the new screens that Mercedes is putting in other models, so no Hyperscreen either.

Regarding the tech specs, we can but speculate right now. It is believed that the EQG will end up being the quickest version of the G-Class, surpassing even AMG-badged models for acceleration, and Mercedes also wants to ensure the vehicle will be as capable (or more capable) off-road too. It has been speculated that the production model could be called EQG 580, and this gives some indication of its level of performance.

However, even though Mercedes did show this concept in 2021, we don’t expect to see it debut as a production model until 2025 (although some reports say it could be earlier, in 2024). Mercedes might update the G-Class range by then, so it may end up looking a bit different and having extra tech too.

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