We're beginning to see copies of the refreshed 2021 Tesla Model 3 appear, and the YouTube channel RSymons had one delivered recently. They put together this nifty side by side comparison with a 2020 Model 3 and reviewed the differences, and followed it up with another video that compared the new headlights, which we've also embedded below.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the additional driving range, made possible by a combination of new battery cells, the addition of a heat pump system, and Tesla's nonstop efforts to increase overall efficiency in its vehicles. However, there are other improvements, as you'll see in the videos.

The guys at RSymons Ltd take a look at the new 18" aero covers and discover that the wheels underneath, although looking very similar, are actually slightly different than they are in previous model years. They also noted that the new aero wheel covers are very difficult to remove, unlike the older ones. I don't know if we can call the new aero wheels and covers improvements just yet, but we assume the slightly new look was created to reduce drag even further. 

The frunk on the new Model 3 is slightly smaller and a little less plush than the previous model years. The size was slightly reduced to accommodate the components for the heat pump system which we can all agree is an acceptable compromise for improved heating and cooling systems. 

They then check out the new automatic opening and closing trunk and note that it's very smooth and quiet. The new Model 3 also has a height memory setting that allows the user to set a limit on how high the trunk will open, saving you from dinging the trunk lid on an overhead obstruction where you park. That's a nice new feature indeed and most certainly an improvement. 

They check out the new center console and other minor interior improvements and show the new double-pane glass that the windows have. Hopefully, that will offer a little better sound insulation. One of my few complaints on my 2019 Model 3 was that the interior was noticeably louder at highway speeds than many of the other EVs I've owned and driven. I recently sold the vehicle and have a 2021 Model 3 on order, so I'll get to report on that first-hand very soon.


The guys also noted that the headlights are slightly different and have a projector lens on the outer portion of the unit. They then followed up with a video comparison of the two different headlights which we've also shared above.

So check out the videos and let us know what you think of the new Model 3 in the comment section below. Also, let us know if that are any details or tests you'd like us to investigate once we get our 2021 Model 3. 

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