YouTube channel DoneDeal takes a detailed look at the all-new fully electric Volkswagen ID.3. However, this isn't just a quick walkaround, but rather an extensive test-drive review of the brand's compact EV.

While the ID.3 is a compact car and resembles the Volkswagen Golf, it's actually much larger inside. In fact, due to the space-saving characteristics of its all-electric powertrain, its cabin is more in line with that of the midsize Passat. 

Volkswagen will offer the ID.3 is offered with either a 45kWh, 58kWh, or 77kWh battery pack. DoneDeal's review car is a first edition model, which has the 58kWh pack and cranks out 200bhp and plenty of instant torque. 

DoneDeal reminds us that the Nissan LEAF has been the world's "best affordable EV" for years. However, the current LEAF isn't really that cheap if you opt for the longer-range "PLUS" model. The channel also says Nissan's crown was recently stolen by the Hyundai Kona Electric (too bad it's hard to get one in the States). 

This ID.3 comes standard with several advanced driver-assist systems, including lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

In terms of driving dynamics, this reviewer says the car "handles beautifully." However, it's hard to compare it to the MK8 Golf since it feels much more futuristic and drives much differently. As we always say, it's hard to compare the driving experience in an EV to that of a gas car. It makes us wonder how it compares to the e-Golf.

Check out the review for all the details. Then, let us know what you think about the Volkswagen ID.3. Will it be crowned the best affordable EV?

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