Our friend Brian Jenkins over at i1Tesla may be the first person we know of that has performed real-world range tests of both the Tesla Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance essentially side by side. This is likely since there are probably few people right now who have easy access to both configurations.

According to the EPA's website, the Tesla Model Y has 315 miles of range. However, the only Model Y listed is the Performance AWD (dual-motor), which is one of only two versions currently available. The dual-motor all-wheel-drive Long Range Model Y isn't listed. There are not different range ratings for different tire sizes on the EPA's site either.

On Tesla's website, it shows 316 miles for the Tesla Model Y Performance, with "EPA est." in parentheses. Tesla lists the Model Y Performance's range at 291 miles (EPA est.). That is with the newly standard Performance Upgrades package, which includes 21-inch wheels. The Long Range comes standard with 19s.

Jenkins sets out in his Model Y Performance and meets up with a friend who owns a non-performance version. They hit the road on a little road-trip caravan to get an idea of how many Wh/mi each car consumes under the same conditions. Check out the video for the details. Then, leave us a comment below.

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