California-based e-bike specialist Aventon is all about selling budget-friendly bikes and making the joy of e-biking accessible to a wider range of folks. A lot of its models are very affordable, usually retailing south of $2,000 USD. The company does this by outsourcing production to China, while still having a high level of quality control when it comes to its products. It’s because of this QA that Aventon has recently decided to recall its Sinch 2 electric bike.

The Sinch 2 first made its debut back in April of 2023. With Spring in full swing at that time, quite a lot of folks copped this affordable, go-anywhere two-wheeler. It’s powered by a decent bit of kit consisting of a 500W rear motor with 750W of peak power. This meant that it was capable of climbing some steep hills, and its chunky tires meant it could do this both on and off-road. A respectable amalgamation of components from the likes of Shimano meant that the Sinch 2 was designed to be reliable and dependable. Furthermore, its affordable price tag of $1,799 meant that it was within reach for lots of folks looking to get in on the e-bike fun.

In a perfect world, the Sinch 2 would have been the ideal urban explorer with enough room to spare for weekend getaways. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes things just don’t work the way they’re designed. In the Sinch 2’s case, Aventon discovered that in some cases, the motor could suddenly accelerate, startling the rider and potentially causing an accident. As of the moment, six reports of unintended acceleration have been noted, and thankfully, no injuries have been reported.

Aventon notes that the remedy to this issue is to repair the affected components, presumably something to do with the sensors within the motor, pedal-assist system, and handlebar-mounted throttle. It’s also worth noting that quite a lot of bikes are included in this recal – about 2,300 bikes within the US, with around 30 units sold in Canada.

It goes without saying that any recall, no matter how minor it may seem, requires the attention of the owners of the product. In the case of Aventon’s Sinch 2, unintended acceleration could lead to a butt-clenching startle at best, or a gnarly spill on the road at worst. As such, if you’re an owner of this rugged e-bike, it may be a good idea to get in touch with your nearest Aventon dealer, call up their HQ through their toll-free number at 866-300-3311, or check out their official website.

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