Tesla has just released its Q4 2023 production and delivery report, and the electric automaker says it not only exceeded its annual sales target last year but delivered more than 484,000 cars in the final quarter alone. It's the best sales year Tesla has ever had, but the American company still got passed for the first time by Chinese giant BYD.

Turning our attention directly to the Q4 2023 results, here's the graphic showing the figures:

For Q4 2023, Tesla delivered a total of 484,507 cars. Tesla lists Model 3/Y deliveries made up the bulk of the action with 461,538 delivered. Meanwhile, the combined Model S and Model X deliveries hit 22,969, or actually a tad lower, since some Cybertruck sales are likely included in the "other models" category.

On the production front, the combined figure for production of all Tesla vehicles hit 494,989 in Q4 2023. The breakdown shows that the Model 3/Y accounted for 476,777 of the total production figures, leaving the Model S/X (plus some Cybertrucks) at 18,212.


Hopefully, this will again lead to another profitable quarter for Tesla, but we'll have to wait until Jan. 24's financial report to find out for sure.

For the whole of 2023, Tesla delivered 1,808,581 cars and produced 1,845,985 vehicles. The Model 3/Y accounted for the bulk of both figures. In 2023, Tesla delivered 1,739,707 Model 3/Ys and 68,874 "other models," which consisted of mainly the Model S and Model X, with perhaps a couple dozen Cybertrucks in the mix.

Tesla adds:

In the fourth quarter, we produced approximately 495,000 vehicles and delivered over 484,000 vehicles. In 2023, vehicle deliveries grew 38% YoY to 1.81 million while production grew 35% YoY to 1.85 million. Thank you to all of our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and supporters who helped us achieve a great 2023.

For context, here's a look back at the results for Q3 2023. At 435,059 global deliveries of the Model Y, Model 3, Model S, and Model X combined, Tesla then failed to set a new quarterly record and fell below expectations by about 20,000 deliveries for that quarter. In other words, Q4 2023 represented quite a rally for Tesla. 

The previous quarterly delivery record was set by Tesla in Q2 2023 at 466,140 cars sold, which means that the Q4 2023 delivery figure of 484,507 surpassed the old record by 18,367 units.

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