Tesla has slashed prices of new and low-mileage inventory vehicles by as much as $6,300 in the United States.

Most Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X vehicles featured on the website's inventory section get discounted, regardless of the trim level. Bear in mind that some of the advertised cars are demo vehicles, and some of those have higher mileages.

Starting with the Tesla Model 3, the base RWD trim gets discounts of up to $2,700, with the most affordable vehicle listed carrying a $36,260 price tag. The Model 3 Long Range AWD sees even bigger price cuts of up to $3,300 in some cases, with prices starting at $43,230.

As for the Model 3 Performance range-topper, the discounts are as high as $3,700, with prices starting at $47,420.

Moving on to the Model Y, the RWD base trim is $3,000 off, which means you can get one from as little as $40,910. The Model Y Long Range AWD sees an average reduction of $2,500, with the most affordable examples listed on Tesla's website starting at $46,540.

The range-topping Model Y Performance is as much as $2,700 cheaper, with the cheapest vehicles advertised on the website carrying a $49,870 price tag. Finally, the Model Y AWD—the one that features 4680 battery cells—sees a $2,400 discount, but there’s only one vehicle listed on the website at $45,350.

Shoppers are in for even more significant discounts if they're looking at Model S or Model X inventory vehicles, though you should be aware that most of the Model S and Model X vehicles listed on the website are demo vehicles.

The base Model S sedan is listed with discounts as high as $6,000, with a best deal of $69,950, while the Model S Plaid gets up to $3,300 in discounts.

The Model X sees discounts up to $6,300, with prices as low as $75,660, while the Model X Plaid gets up to $3,800 off, starting at $93,190.

These are obviously good deals and you should know that they don't include the $7,500 federal tax credit that all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles are eligible for. You can also get additional incentives in your state, on top of the federal tax credit, which means you can get a Tesla Model 3 RWD well under $30,000.

If you decide on a demo vehicle, you should know that those are not eligible for leases.

These discounts are likely part of Tesla's push to achieve a record number of deliveries in the fourth quarter in order to meet the annual goal of 1.8 million deliveries.

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