EVgo follows Tesla's footsteps by introducing a prefabricated charging infrastructure to streamline deployment.

The company has announced that the new prefabricated DC fast chargers are expected to cut average station installation time in half and save an average of 15 percent in station construction costs.

The new design is scalable, with a starting point of six individual charging stalls. This indicates the minimum number of chargers at EVgo's new charging sites in the future (at least as sites that are eligible for such a layout).

The time and cost savings are the foundation, but not the only benefit of prefabrication. EVgo also points out that the customer experience might improve as well. That's because of the higher reliability of the equipment assembly in a controlled environment and pre-commissioned at the fabrication facility.

The company explains that "all charging equipment—including dispensers, power cabinets and any additional necessary equipment—is assembled in a single base frame before being shipped to the fast charging site. By using this process wherever possible, EVgo expects to accelerate timelines while ensuring consistent, high-quality assembly in a controlled environment. This approach also allows EVgo to perform pre-commissioning at the fabrication facility, which is anticipated to further accelerate deployment timelines."

Additionally, the prefabricated charging stations can be easily equipped with additional features, according to each order (right from the start or retrofitted at a later point). The list of optional features includes:

  • Wi-Fi infrastructure that can be added seamlessly to boost cellular connectivity
  • lighting
  • security cameras
  • canopies to offer shade on sunny days and shield drivers from inclement weather

Once installed, the skid frame will be covered with synthetic turf, providing a layer of cushioning to help safeguard connectors that may be dropped, EVgo adds.

Overall, we are happy to see that the EV charging industry is applying new solutions to improve its business, which is important considering that the infrastructure must be significantly expanded in the coming decade – potentially by an order of magnitude between now and 2030.

There is a reason why Tesla started to use prefabricated systems in volume a few years ago:

Tesla Prefabricated Supercharger Unit (PSU)

Tesla Prefabricated Supercharger Unit (PSU)

First station in February 2024

EVgo revealed that the first site to use its prefabricated DC fast chargers is located in Texas and is anticipated to begin construction this November. However, it will still take some time before public launch, which is expected in February 2024.

Prefabrication projects are underway at multiple locations in Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Texas. In 2024, EVgo would like to expand the rate of installations.

EVgo's fast charging network currently includes more than 900 fast charging locations in the U.S.

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