The Rivian R1S all-electric SUV can now be configured with the company’s new Max Pack battery that offers a maximum EPA-estimated range of 400 miles, according to the manufacturer’s official website, which was recently updated.

The change was first seen by the Rivian Forums user DuoRivians, who posted a smartphone screenshot showing all the available battery packs for the zero-emissions SUV.

As per the California-based startup, a Max Pack-equipped R1S starts from $94,000 and has an EPA-estimated range of 400 miles with 21-inch road wheels and the firm’s proprietary dual-motor setup that makes 533 horsepower.

The Max Pack can also be specified in conjunction with the Performance dual-motor setup that makes 665 hp without losing a single mile from the estimated range. In this spec, the R1S costs $99,000.

The optional $3,600 All-Terrain upgrade that comes with 20-inch all-terrain wheels lowers the EPA-estimated range to 355 miles for both the standard and performance dual-motor R1S.

Compared to the Large Pack battery offered by Rivian, the Max Pack is $10,000 more expensive and offers 48 extra miles of range, according to the marque’s website.

Rivian R1S with Max Pack battery

The automaker’s CEO and founder, RJ Scaringe, announced at the end of February that they were working on a new Max Pack + Dual-Motor AWD configuration for the R1S with seven seats which had a projected range of 390 miles and was slated for delivery this fall.

Considering a custom Rivian order usually takes about four months, it’s hard to see how customers will get their hands on a Max Pack R1S before the fall is over, but nevertheless, it’s nice to see that the all-electric SUV can now be had in a version that goes over 399 miles on a full charge (at least in theory). In fact, the EV maker claims the R1S is now the longest-range seven-seat electric SUV on the market. By contrast, the Tesla Model X Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive version that starts at $79,990 offers an EPA-estimated driving range of 348 miles.

In related news, the online R1T inventory shop got a new “Max Pack” filter, hinting at the possibility of Rivian adding ready-made pickups with the biggest available battery pack to its stock soon, which can be delivered in about one to six weeks. With this being said, the “Max Pack” filter is currently grayed out, meaning that no such configurations are available yet.

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