Specialized has always been all about performance – be it for its standard or its electric bicycles. The brand has long been associated with the very best of the cycling industry, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change any time soon. The brand has just pulled the covers off its newest electric gravel bike, the Creo 2. Let’s take a closer look at what this lightweight gravel muncher has to offer.

Specialized strikes a balance between lightness, performance, and natural pedal feel with the new Creo 2. It’s powered by the brand’s proprietary motor, the SL1.2 mid-drive unit, specifically designed to compete with the industry’s greatest when it comes to performance, compactness, and weight. According to Specialized, the SL1.2 is one of the most efficient e-bike systems in the market, delivering an output of 320 watts and 50 Newton-meters of torque. Specialized also emphasizes that the SL1.2 is incredibly quiet, further amplifying its natural pedal feel.

Specialized Unveils New Creo 2 Lightweight Electric Gravel Bike

In the real world, this translates to an assisted top speed of 28 miles per hour. It’s important to note, however, that the Creo 2 is sold with motor power limited to 80 percent. This can be completely unlocked upon purchase, however, and further customizability can be found via Specialized smartphone app.

When it comes to battery tech, Specialized has again struck a balance between range and weight. There’s a decently sized 320-watt-hour internal battery pack rated for about 80 miles, but should your adventures take you further, it’s compatible with a 160-watt-hour range extender that can bring total range up to 120 miles.

Specialized Unveils New Creo 2 Lightweight Electric Gravel Bike

Speaking of longer rides, the Creo 2 also keeps rider comfort in mind despite its sporty stance. It’s equipped with the Specialized Future Shock 3 system, which offers 20 millimeters of hydraulically damped travel on the front end, reducing impacts by a claimed 53 percent. Furthermore, Specialized claims that Future Shock 3 keeps the handlebars stable in rugged conditions, improving control and safety.

Naturally, a product with this level of technology won’t come cheap. The Creo 2 starts at $6,500 for the Creo 2 Comp Carbon. Those demanding a little more can opt for the Creo 2 Expert Carbon, which carries a substantial $9,000 at retail. If that level of bling just doesn’t cut it for you, consider shelling out $14,000 for the S-Works Creo 2.

Specialized Unveils New Creo 2 Lightweight Electric Gravel Bike
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